What is the DEN?

A global community of education professionals that are passionate about transforming the learning experience with digital media, the DEN connects members across town and around the world through social media, virtual conferences and in-person events---fostering valuable networking, idea-sharing and inspiration. As one of the largest professional education learning communities, the DEN has impacted more than 1 million educators worldwide.

Here's how some STAR Discovery Educators answer that question:

  • Via @TechTia “DEN helps me: Develop & Inspire Students using Content found Online 2 help Visualize Educational Requirements Yearly” (bonus points for the acronym!)
  • Via @Daveandcori “DEN is a community of educators who strive to provide the best education to their students while supporting other educators”
  • Via @joecfro “DEN Helps Me: Unleash my creatvity and the creativity of students to help them achieve at their highest levels.”
  • "My story is one of a middle-aged teacher (who some would call old) trying to engage my reluctant and struggling readers to improve their reading skills. I used whatever technology my school had but I did not have a strong peer group at the time who could help me learn and show me new things. Enter the DEN. I found myself at a DEN Summer Institute completely alone and overwhelmed about what I did not know and what everyone else DID know. Never fear, however, due to the presentations and a group of friendly and helpful people, I began to learn … and I continue to learn. The DEN, archived webinars, virtual conferences, summer institutes, professional learning communities on Edmodo and Twitter, and the people I have met through Discovery have never let me down when I am confused, need a resource, or just want new ideas. I am richer (in the best non-monetary sense) and my students are more engaged due to the journey that began the day I signed up to be a STAR in the DEN. The intelligence, creativity, and commitment to education shines very brightly in the DEN." Robin Talkowski

Here's a glogster created by DEN STAR Karen Ogen